Tom Giese, PE

Tom Giese, PE

BHC Since: 2013

Registration/Certification: Professional Engineer, WA

Education: MS, Civil Engineering at Oregon State University; BS, Civil Engineering at Oregon State University

Bio: Tom believes that the keys to successful client service are responsiveness and attention to details. Tom works hard to develop collaborative relationships with clients and be a reliable resource. As a principal engineer, Tom manages a variety of projects, but that does not deter him from attending to even the smallest details. It is through this immersive involvement that Tom can confidently stand behind his work. Tom’s love of music and playing guitar stretch back over 30 years and continue to this day. His fondness for camping and hiking became ingrained from dozens of campouts and hundreds of miles hiked on his way to becoming an Eagle Scout. Tom and his wife Melinda are parents to two teenagers, Jonathan and Anna.


A workplace says as much about a company as its actual work.

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