At BHC Consultants, success is defined by the quality of our relationships. We enter every relationship as a steadfast partner seeking clients and team members that share a similar commitment to answering challenges with the ultimate goal of improving our communities. BHC successfully attracts and retains talented team members and clients with similar beliefs, promoting high-quality deliverables, long-standing relationships, and a foundation of trust and consistency.

The BHC Total Rewards Philosophy:

  • Reflect and reinforce BHC’s vision, mission, and core values.

  • Provide Total Cash Compensation (Base compensation plus Bonus) that:
    • Is generous when compared with the Total Cash Compensation offered by our competitors in our Labor Market.
    • Incorporates BHC-specific Internal Valuation factors.
    • Reflects employees’ mastery of their profession.
    • Reflects employees’ effectiveness in carrying out BHC’s mission and achieving associated goals.

  • Differentiate BHC from our competitors by sharing BHC’s profits with eligible employees through annual bonuses and company ownership distributions.

  • Invest in employees’ Professional Development through support for job-related training for career growth, as well as support for licenses, certifications, and continuing education.

  • Offer a thoughtfully designed benefits package that meets or exceeds benefits typically offered by our competitors in our Labor Market and provide substantial assistance to our employees toward their needs for health, wealth, and security.

What our employees say ABOUT BHC

"Every day I get the opportunity to work with optimistic, driven, and passionate folks who make BHC a positive workplace to be at." – Kevin Garcia

"BHC’s leadership really allow staff to pursue things that interest them. BHC really wants people to take ownership of their work and their career and will work with them to get to where they want to go." – Jon Davies

Careers at BHC

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BHC delivers a high level of quality regardless of client and project size. For us, every project is an opportunity to positively impact our communities for generations to come.