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Return on Relationships

At BHC Consultants, success is defined by the quality of our relationships. We enter every relationship as a steadfast partner seeking clients and team members that share a similar commitment to answering challenges with the ultimate goal of improving our communities. BHC successfully attracts and retains talented team members and clients with similar beliefs, promoting high-quality deliverables, long-standing relationships, and a foundation of trust and consistency.

What Makes Us Different

Our industry is not a trivial one. The work we do impacts our communities and the environment. The investments our clients make are long-term and significant.For these reasons, we rely on our creative problem solving skillset to build solutions with our clients that address issues based on need, value and acceptance.

This approach empowers us to deliver our work on a foundation of mutual trust with our clients and our staff.


Founded in 2006, the BHC name represents the last name initials of our three founders: Gary Bourne, Martin Harper, and Craig Chambers. Each of the founders brought with them extensive experience in drinking water, wastewater, solid waste, and stormwater engineering industries.

Their desire was to create a company that provided exceptional quality engineering services to local clients while nurturing long-lasting client and employee relationships. Since then, the company has expanded its engineering services to include electrical and structural engineering while also adding code compliance and municipal planning capabilities. To accommodate our growing staff and areas of expertise, we have expanded our offices in Seattle and Tacoma while adding an office in Bellingham.



A workplace says as much about a company as its actual work. At BHC, you’ll find a workplace filled with creative, optimistic and dedicated professionals on a mission to be the best in our industry.

More importantly, you’ll be part of an organization that treats everyone – employees, clients, and competitors – with honesty and integrity.


Any engineering and planning firm can sell a solution; it takes a unique group of talented team members to build a relationship.


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