Carlito Tolentino, GISP

Carlito Tolentino, GISP

BHC Since: 2002

Registration/Certification: Geographic Information System Professional, GISCI

Education: Certificate, GIS Management at the University of Washington; BA, Community & Environmental Planning at the University of Washington

Bio: Carlito is a GIS Specialist with BHC Consultants, where his main responsibilities lie in cartographic mapping, data management, and spatial analysis. His work skills include projects for comprehensive plans, utility assessments, and map notebooks. His focus on GIS mapping originated with operating GIS data that could build a map with unique information using real world points and lines attributed with characterized metadata.

Carlito comes from a multi-cultured background where he was born in Seattle, grew up his first 12 years in Copenhagen, Denmark where his family, resides and speaks fluent Danish, and is proud of his Filipino origin. On an annual basis, he frequently visits with his family and friends, and often takes trips to other parts of Europe. He considers himself lucky to have such devoted friends and families in all aspects of the world. Established now in Seattle, you can find Carlito at home streaming movies/tv shows or rooting for the local Seattle Seahawks/Mariner teams with a nice, cold Rainier brew.


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