Mark Mierzejewski, PE

Mark Mierzejewski, PE

BHC Since: 2021

Registration/Certification: Professional Engineer, WA

Education: MS, Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Washington; BS, Chemical Engineering at Rice University

Bio: Mark is a process engineer who specializes in solving challenging water and wastewater problems that occupy the intersection of chemical and civil engineering. He has never seen a wastewater treatment plant, machine room, or industrial facility that he does not want to tour and understand. Mark brings a broad knowledge of creative approaches to client problems and enjoys bringing this knowledge to bear to provide cost-effective and innovative solutions. Mark grew up in Florida and moved to the Pacific Northwest after undergraduate studies. His hobbies include tabletop gaming, participating in trivia contests, listening to live music, and judging homebrewed beer as a National ranked judge. Mark also enjoys exploring the trails and mountains of the Northwest on foot or bicycle.


A workplace says as much about a company as its actual work.

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